Prophecy is LIVE

Isn’t it pretty?

And another installment of the Keeper of the Sphere series has been released into the world.

Now, to breathe.

For the past two years, it’s been a real challenge to get this book done. Having COVID in 2020 didn’t help, and neither did being one of the lucky ones to develop Long COVID. That, on top of my multiple chronic conditions made it near impossible to work on a daily basis.

Then, add in the deaths of several friends and our beloved Prince Finn, and to be honest I still haven’t stopped grieving.

Finn’s shelter pic. How could I not adore him?

But right now, on Launch Day for Prophecy, I’m proud that I finished it, and it’s some of my absolute best writing to date. I’m not just saying that, either – others have told me as much. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to hone my talent, and I truly hope everyone who reads the Keeper series will enjoy it.

There has been a bit of confusion regarding this last of the trilogy. It is NOT the end of the series. Similar to how some of my favorite authors have structured their series into groups of trilogies, the Keeper series story will also be told in threes.

This first trilogy is focused on Dee Connor, an accountant-turned-Keeper-turned-Goddess in her mid-thirties. The next trilogy will be focused on [spoiler], but will include all the characters we’ve come to love.

But before I begin work on that trilogy, there is someone else who’s been bugging me for the past two years, to tell her story. Some of you may have seen me mention it in Facebook or Twitter posts: the origin story of the Pythia, the most famous Oracle of Delphi.

I’ll write a separate blog post about that project. I’ll also be posting more often while working on it, sharing some fascinating behind-the-scenes tidbits I’ve discovered while doing deep research on Bronze Age Greece, Crete, and Thera.