Is this thing on?

Blank screen. Similar to a blank sheet of paper, back in the olden times.

Well, here goes. The start of my scribblings. I don’t have much to say right now, but in this space I plan on sharing lots of exciting things: updates on current works in progress, what I like to listen to when writing, tidbits of interesting things I’ve discovered while doing research for my writing, and much more.

So I hope you stick around or check back now and again to see what’s going on. I promise to try to make it fun and interesting for you! (Notice: I said try, so don’t be too hard on me if it’s not.)

Currently status of WIPs:

> Editor is making second pass of manuscript for Legacy: Book One of the Keeper of the Sphere Series.
> I’m about 18K words in on Book Two, which hasn’t named itself yet.