In the End Game

Last week, I got the manuscript for Legacy back from my editor and worked through all of the comments and changes.

This week, I’m doing final formatting of the manuscript – removing extra spaces, making sure there aren’t any orphan sentences on a page, that sort of thing – and preparing it for uploading to Amazon Direct Publishing for both the digital and print versions.

My cover artist is working on the full print cover, and once that is finalized I’ll be able to order proof copies of the book. I hope to have those in the next week or so.

So, so close now. And because of that, the pit in my stomach is constant now. But I have no fear of failure. I’ve dealt with failure my entire life, it’s no big deal. No, I’m actually afraid of success. When I started this writing journey, I did it for myself. To prove to myself that I can write and publish a story, something I’ve dreamed of doing for decades. I didn’t do it to “get discovered” or become famous.

In fact, I’d be very surprised if many people like the book at all – it’s a unique story. One that won’t appeal to a large audience. And I have no problems at all if my friends and family don’t like it.

But the story, one that started as a “what if” moment while floating in my swimming pool in the summer of 2014, wanted to be told. And so, it will be.

Current status of Book One: final formatting of manuscript
Current status of Book Two: 23K words