And Now I Wait


My heart is hammering in my chest. I’m breathing shallowly.

Yes, I hit the button, Max. (Pop culture reference from the 80s for us old folk.)

I clicked the “Publish” button on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing this morning for both the print and ebook versions of Legacy. And now, I wait for the files to be accepted and made available on Amazon.

Once they are, I’ll enable the link for the “launch party” and share it. I’ll also place an order for author copies of the print version. I have a list of folks who have requested signed copies, and once I receive my print order I’ll enable the link here on this site for signed copies.

I also registered the copyright for both versions.

So while I wait for the notification from Amazon, I’m assembling the swag bags full of goodies for some lucky peeps. Stay tuned on that.

I’m unbearably nervous. And excited.

And I think I’m going to throw up now.