Getting closer!

I’ve finally finished the third revision of Chrysalis, and now Alpha Reader is reviewing it before it gets a second pass by my phenomenal editor. Current word count is 133,394 and page count is 333.

I’m also trying to finalize the blurb, but I totally suck at writing these. I’d love to rewrite the one for Legacy, but that’s for someday. In the meantime, here’s the latest draft:

Once just an accountant, now so much more.

Dee Connor, the latest Keeper of the Sphere, left her ordinary life behind to protect the Sphere, an ancient and mystical artifact that commands immense power.

Power to heal, as well as power to destroy.

Tasked with removing the enemies of Earth and preventing its destruction, Dee must forge an unlikely alliance of unruly deities and defeat formidable enemies. To do this, she enlists the help of the Tuatha de Danann, a race of supernatural beings who were banished from Ireland centuries ago.

In the battle for the soul of the planet, she will face her greatest fears… including betrayal from those she trusted.

The very fate of the Earth will hinge not on her mastery of magick or battle skills, but whether she can survive the transformation necessary to succeed – without destroying herself in the process.

And, here’s the cover:

ebook cover Chrysalis

Isn’t it just gorgeous??? I LOVE my fabulous cover artist!!!

I’ll be pushing for a March release, but that depends on a lot of things: how quickly my Alpha Reader finishes his review, how quickly my editor turns the manuscript, and how quickly I can proofread the final copy.

Unfortunately, I won’t be doing much marketing for this book. So, no swag bags or cool merchandise. But I plan on permanently reducing the ebook price of Legacy when Chrysalis is released, and doing some special pricing promotions.

Lastly, I’ve already drafted an outline for Book Three and will dive right in to a first draft as soon as Chrysalis is released, so watch for updates. With a little luck, I’ll be able to get it completed much faster. I hate to keep you all waiting.

Happy 2020!