Made it through the holiday season. Not that it was stressful, just distracting. As a result, I didn’t make my goal of finishing the first revision of Book Two by the end of 2018. I’m at roughly 78% complete, and at 97.5K words.

So my new goal is to have the first revision completed by the end of January, and in the hands of my Alpha Reader. While he’s reading it, I’ll be working on choosing a title and drafting the book blurb. When he’s done, I’ll take the time necessary to make any changes before sending it to my editor. Once I have the blurb and title fixed, I’ll be able to ask my cover artist to begin work on the cover.

My overall goal is still on target to release Book Two in March. Given that Legacy took about 4 years to release, the timeline on this one is greatly reduced: 7 months from the release of Book One. I’ll try and tighten it up even more for Book Three.

I’ve also been taking notes for several novellas set in the Keeper of the Sphere world: one will dive deeper into Finn’s Cove and the people there. Another will tell Maggie’s story in a contemporaneous account. I think I’d like to tell Siobhan’s story, too, as she was the only true warrior Keeper of them all. And, although the original story arc was for a trilogy, there’s nothing to end the story after Book Three; although I have its storyline drafted, much can still change with it. After all, Book Two changed significantly based on how Book One developed during the revision stages.

I may also share some deleted scenes as short stories here, so watch for those in the coming months – as well as a few that are outside the Keeper world.

Happy New Year!