While waiting for my Alpha Reader to finish his reading through Book Two of the Keeper of the Sphere series (I wish he’d hurry up!), I’ve done several things:

  • Drafted a general outline of Book Three;
  • Drafted a blurb for Book Two;
  • Created a short list of titles for Book Two; and
  • Researched additional material for Book Three.

As a reader, I’ve sort of run out of urban fantasy novels while waiting for some of my favorite authors (like Anne Bishop) to release their new works. I’ve always had a fascination with historical fiction (NOT historical romance), and so that’s what I’ve been reading for the past month or two. Primarily novels of ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt lately, since I’ve also exhausted the available selection of ancient Ireland and Britain.

And a funny thing has happened: I’ve got an almost-overwhelming urge to write an alternate history novel. I have so many questions. Such as:

  • What if Rome had never fallen?
  • What if Greece and Egypt were still the superpowers they were in ancient times?
  • What if Paganism was the dominant religion instead of monotheism?
  • What would our world look like if the Library of Alexandria had never been destroyed?
  • Who would’ve explored ancient America if there hadn’t been a desire for conversions and greed?
  • What if the Crusades had never happened?

You see where I’m going with this …

So, I’ve written some thoughts and notes on this, too, and who knows, it may end up being a book someday. I’d have to do a ton of research though, and for now I have at least two more books to finish and release. So at best, it’s just a germ of an idea.

I’ve also done research and written about 12K words on a “super secret project” which I’ll only give one hint about: it’s a completely different take on a well-known person of mythology. And that’s all I’m going to write about it. For now.

And so, even though I’ve been in sort of a holding pattern with Book Two, I haven’t been idle. I’ve been busy.

Stay tuned!